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    Confession Of the Day : COD
    Thursday, 2 February 2017 | 0 comment[s]

    hye gus maybe just going to do a new segment in this blog which is called Confession Of The Day (COD)
                 I just got back from school and i am hella tired and guess what i can't even rest.Cuz i dont have any place to rest my body from all this thing..Haih yes pukul 6 petang baru balik and smpairumah pukul 7 kau ghase??! penat doh...thank god i have kawan yang sanggup teman

    Hye guys...Its me..iguess today im going to create one segment in my blog whic is called Confession Of The Day (COD) its not compulsive obssesive disorder okay...Cauz i feel like i need this kind of thing to confess what soever in my mind and how i feel huhuhu cuz i sangat sedih.
    Lepas balik beg pulak basah and all my books are fucking damp right now! Haih srs penat doh...no wonder breakout tak habis-habis.
                 Semalam i demam even today pun selsema..hingus dh macam waterfalll like no shit bro.Ada boyfriend pun macam ape je..kalau mengadu pasal problem ni he just couldn't careless i mean like die mana nak faham apa yang i rasa cu yelah die hidup senang..tak rasa kesusahan and all.
                Nak luahkan kat all my friends pun rasa macam ntahlah..maybe it's better for me to luahkan in here cuz ya know..nobody's reading it and i pun puas. 
    Mostly I have good days. But when that Bad-Day hits me, it’s exhausting and drains me empty. I just cannot do the bad-days.