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    SPM!? and Depression
    Tuesday, 31 January 2017 | 0 comment[s]


    Hi guys it's me! I'm sorry that i have not update my blog for awhile..actually not awhile but a long time..It is because i don't have any access to blog at that moment so yeah..hope that u guys understand.Today is the first entry for this year..yes it's 2017 already,how fast time flies.This year i will be taking S freaking P hell M haha SPM.
            Let's keep it short and simple.The truth is..i'm still not ready but im also excited to graduate high school! It's a mess and tiring year so far.Im not hoping too much for this year like "Ohh this year is going to be my year" and what not.I dont know..maybe its because i dont have any desire to take SPM or even study hahaha.
             Okay u know what? i dont think that it's going to be short post because i kinda have a lot to say right now..innerly desperate to let go of so many things in my mind since nobody understands me.
             I think that i should start blogging again since im so depressed..no..im so stressed actually..and i can't even talk to anyone cuz they wont understand me...haih
             Yes,im so tired this year with lots of work and sucks time management like srsly..imagine..I woke up every morning and off to school then we are going home at 3 o'clock after that i need to wait for my parents finished their work untill 5;30.I arrived at my house at 7..then ofc im going to be tired  so i need to rest a bit then i can do all my school work,ironing and all then finally i can sleep around 11 pm i mean like oh my god penat ah weiii!! ak bukan robot dohh!! arghh!! yeah others be like

    "Eleh lek ahh...sikit je tu.."

    "Balik jelah rumah dulu"

    Bitch! aku sekolah kat petaling jaya and rumah aku kat shah alam..how easy your life...kau balik orang ambik hantar kat rumah..dekat lak tu! ugh.

    And yeah i noticed that everyone in my class macam dah insaf and they can concentrate in what teachers are saying infront and im here just like whut?... im so blurr at that time and yes..my study mood have their own time and it is 7-10 pm only..idk why..i feel left out..like really..