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    False Hope
    Saturday, 22 February 2014 | 0 comment[s]

    hurmm rase nk emotional lak mlam ni ntah kenapa... :face36: so bolehlar..harini je nk emotional sket..saje2 buang tebiat bukan org kesah pun...random  typing...

    Im fucking sad~ yeah sad...well nobody give a shit if im sad :face64:pun...
    going through this life~
     hemrm yeah life is difficult not easy like kacang 
    kenapalah die like gmbar athirah?? :face47:
    im so fucking jelous u know~ yeah so jelly

    hahaha what am i talking about? /fake smile/
    stupid post... "who cares its your blog"

    u know what i miss u?? don't u know?! yeah u will never know 
    because u dont even care pun ._.

    its too deep...no one knows how i feel :)
    only ALLAH knows :)

    well,guess what? sometimes aku rase macam nak hilangkan diri...dan kembali bila aku bersedia...i dunno why...

    nak kate aku ade masalah? xde? masalah keluarga? jauh sekali...im just sad because of nothing...im sad because of myself.. :) it seems stupid...hahaha sad about myself ... im so stupid! how can i be this stupid? am i crazy? sad just becoz of myself?
    Im growing..and still waiting to be alone
    i dunt want to burden my parent..my friends..and all people around me..thats why i wanna be alone sometimes :) and only here...i could do that

    there's one day ... i told my best friend,Aini about my wish... 'I wanna go far from Malaysia so nobody knows about me..and somewhere that people couldn't find me' but she didn't allowed me to do that  :face62:

    WHY? that's the only way i can go away and far away from this country~ im just getting bored with my life in here ..

    woah...seems like i have a problem with my life? haha actually i don't ...but i just want to change it~ into a new life...much better than this...new life without nobody ...ONLY ME..

    stand by...